I'm a Canadian digital marketer & entrepreneur currently in
Waterloo, Canada.

My Work

I am a Co-Founder of a startup called Smile.io - a rewards app for online retailers.

While I'm a generalist, I tend to do best with projects related to creating demand & distribution for startups: marketing, pr, advertising, partnerships, management, sales, and everything in between.

My favourite things to work on are telling stories and creating brands.

My Play

When I'm not working, I relax by riding my motorcycle, doing personal photography projects (Canon > Nikon), completing 100 km canoe camping trips, or enjoying a smokey islay scotch.

When I'm lucky I get to do these with my life partner.

Contact Me

Drop me a line about anything.

Especially if you'd like to discuss startups, marketing, ecommerce, entrepreneurship, business, motorcycles, photography, canoe camping, islay scotch, or bootstrap websites hosted on GitHub pages.